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Real Estate Photography Pricing Tim's Digital Darkroom



NOW FAA CERTIFIED for aerial photos and video







 $130 Standard Daytime: 25-35 Photos ( < 3100sqft) 

 $160 Premium Daytime35-45 Photos ( > 3100sqft || > 4000 $190)

 $190 Twilight Premium35-45 Photos (Taken @dusk to accentuate

                                                                                          the sky)                    

*Pricing within 20 miles of 78634; 15cents per mile (rt) thereafter 

Aerial Photos / 4K Video

● (Added to a stills photo package)

$30 / $60


● Stand Alone


10-15 stills / 2min video


Aerial Photos/Video (Land& Ranch)

● Exploratory Flight (Suited for Buyers)

$90 Photos /

$160 (Photo& 4K Video)

● Detailed Flight (Suited for Sellers)

$130 Photos /

$190 (Photo& 4K Video) 



Tim's Digital Darkroom offers premium real estate photography services throughout the central Texas region. As an established business, we have the processes in place to make the experience hassle free for the real estate agents that work with us.


Why Choose Tim's Digital Darkroom

  • ● Next day turnaround on all photos--every time--no exceptions.
  • ● Professional equipment for producing the highest quality photography.
  • ● Available on short notice. 
  • ● Reliable invoicing system makes paying Tim's Digital Darkroom easy and keeps billing clear for the real estate agent.
  • ● 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the quality of the work, simply reject the photos from the shoot and you won’t be charged.




About Tim's Digital Darkroom

Tim's Digital Darkroom offers premium photography services in central Texas. We have 13 years experience in photography and use this knowledge to produce the highest quality results for our clients. We hope we are able to work with you to make your buyers homes sell as fast as possible, and to make your listings stand out on the MLS.




Ethics Statement

Tim's Digital Darkroom performs post-production work on all photos. While we do our best to make sure the photos are an accurate and ethical representation of a home, we also use techniques to enhance the photos to look their best.


These techniques include but are not limited to:

  • ● Stitched panoramic photography
  • ● HDR
  • ● Content-aware fill
  • ● Sky Replacement


If at any time you are uncomfortable with a photo, you may always request the original, unretouched photo to determine if the photo ethically and accurately represents the home. It is the responsibility of the real estate agent to ensure that the photo is an accurate representation.


Scope of Services

Timothy Lauzon does complete all of the photo shoots for the company, all photos must meet the company standards, and remember that we provide a 100% money-back guarantee on every shoot. By contracting for a shoot with Tim's Digital Darkroom, you agree that Tim's Digital Darkroom retains all ownership rights to the photos taken and may use the photos on its website, to advertise its services, or for any other means. Tim's Digital Darkroom grants the rights to real estate agents contracting its services to use the photos taken during a shoot in connection with selling the home (show on MLS, your website, etc).